At the opening level, applicants for admission in TCGTBI will be required to submit a Pre-Application Questionnaire (PAQ), which can be availed from the TCGTBI office or downloaded from its website.

The PAQ will be scrutinized internally by the TCGTBI team. While submitting PAQ, applicants will also disclose information on executive involvement of the promoters/ founders in other companies or commercial entities.

Based on the initial scrutiny of PAQ and affirmative assessment, applicants will be asked to submit a formal application for admission in TCGTBI along with a detailed proposal comprising of the following documents:

  1. Business Plan.
  2. Details of IP/ technology based on which a company is proposed to be promoted/ founded. In case the IP/ technology is developed at IIEST, Shibpur, a copy of letter of approval from IIEST, Shibpur for transfer of / licensing of/ permission to use IP in favour of prospective incubatee companies.

The Business plan is expected to cover the basics of the Business, namely, value proposition, products and services, market analysis, competition analysis, funding requirements, capital structure, milestones and timelines, development and marketing plan, organizational structure, team, risk analysis and projected financials. An illustrative template for a Business plan may be obtained from the TCGTBI office or may be downloaded from its website. Applicants may give such additional information as they think would help in the assessment of their proposal.

Based on the documents submitted, the Business Plan will be screened by the TCGTBI team for assessing the suitability of the proposal for further evaluation by expert members regarding its potential for incubation. Detailed scrutiny including financial and technical due diligence of the proposal shall then be carried out by the expert members for evaluation of the proposal.

Applicants may be invited with their teams to make a presentation on their proposal. In order to enable the expert members to take an appropriate decision, members may ask for any additional information from the applicants and/or revision in the proposal.

Business Plan will be reviewed by experts having technical, Business and financial expertise. These members will be other than TCGTBI employees. The expert members would be invited/ identified depending on the nature of the proposal.