Startup Recommended by TCGTBI

TCGTBI has, with the help of subject experts, recommended 11 companies for Startup. Out of these, 8 have been recognized by the IMB, GoI. It is worth mentioning here that one of recommended organizations has been given the Tax Exemption Benefit by the IMB – a rare fit considering the number of applications rejected by them (only 9 out of 563 applications have been given tax exemption).

Sr No.Prospect Name
1Basketwalla Innovations Pvt. Ltd.
2Geiosis Earthing Pvt Ltd
3Leopard Trans
4Flipcart Motocorp Pvt Ltd
5Med Invent Devices
6Green Urja & Organic Krishi Development Holding
7Mariposa Greenscape Pvt. Ltd.
8CTRL-N Technologies
9Kiukart Shopee Private Limited
10Larica LED Products
11Parallel Sourcing (R&D) Pvt. Ltd.
12Gozo Technologies Pvt Ltd