Existing Incubates

As on date, 20 registered incubates are with TCGTBI, based on their application as evaluated and recommended by specific Incubate Selection Committees and by way of executing “AGREEMENT” on legal papers, as per provisions of the Rules and Regulations of TCGTBI. Applications from student incubates of host institute have also been accepted and evaluation formalities of few more applicants with break-through innovations are there in process.

Sl. No. Company Name Area ISCM Date Date of Registration
Registered Incubates
1 Costeel Processing (p) Ltd. Colour Stainless Steel(materials) 12.06.2015 30.09.2015
2 Srijan Creation Innovative Application of 3D Printer 02.02.2016 18.03.2016
3 Capacloud Trading Solutions (p) Ltd. Vertical Gardening 02.02.2016 29.04.2016
4 Fontikulus Solar Water Treatment 03.05.2016 25.05.2016
5 Zeoin Infracon Projects OPC (p) Ltd. Innovative Road Construction Materials and Practices 03.05.2016 06.06.2016
6 Mariposa Greenscape Pvt. Ltd. Bio- Fertilizer 12.06.2015 18.07.2016
7 Leopard Trans LLP App based medium sized goods carrying vehicle 19.07.2016 24.08.2016
8 Green Urja & Organic Krishi Development Holding Solar Pumping System for Irrigation 21.10.2016 15.12.2016
9 EWT Solar Solar Water Treatment 21.10.2016 03.02.2017
10 Maybright Ventures PVt. Ltd. Peer-to-peer Lending Platform 19.01.2017 03.02.2017
11 Flip Motorcorp Pvt. Ltd. Fuel efficient engine driven Bicycle 19.01.2017 03.02.2017
12 Pedazoom LLP Short-term industry-oriented courses through online mode for students 05.04.2017 28.04.2017
13 SKAILINE Engineering & Construction Co. Online Paying Guest management software 05.04.2017 28.04.2017
14 Racekin Web Pvt. Ltd. Interactive Social Media Platform 18.05.2017 10.07.2017
15 MOTORCADE Peer-to-Peer social platform for MOTOTOURERs 18.05.2017 07.08.2017
16 Birdwing Publish printed books, e-books (including kindle editions), PPT, short films, documentaries and feature films on diverse topics 12.07.2017 07.08.2017
17 Medicogent Private Limited Pre-defined medical set-up and an innovative SOS device for Healthcare sector. 12.07.2017 07.08.2017
18 SAVETUR DIGITAL Pvt. Ltd Technology platform that serves as a software application to support logistics solutions in all dimensions of transportation. 12.07.2017 07.08.2017
19 Ind Incorporation Pvt. Ltd. Home Automation through Artificial Intelligence 30.01.2018 28.02.2018
20 RESOLZ Power Pvt. Ltd. Solar powered Electric Vehicle 30.01.2018 08.03.2018
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