• Admission to BI is open to:
i. Faculty members (current and in the recent past), (one or many) along with possibly others
ii. Students and alumni, along with possibly others
iii. IIEST, Shibpur's R&D partners (sponsors of R&D and consultancy projects), along with possibly others where any faculty is an advisor / mentor / promoter
iv. Others, having entrepreneurial mindset and innovation orientation
• Admission Process-
At the opening level, applicants for admission in TCGTBI will be required to submit a Pre-Application Questionnaire (PAQ), which can be availed from the TCGTBI office or downloaded from its website.
Applicants are required to submit a detailed proposal comprising of the following documents:
1. Business Plan. The Business plan is expected to cover the basics of the Business, namely, value proposition, products and services, market analysis, competition analysis, funding requirements, capital structure, milestones and timelines, development and marketing plan, organizational structure, team, risk analysis and projected financials. Applicants may also give additional information as they think would help in the assessment of their proposal.
2. Details of IP/ technology based on which a company is proposed to be promoted/ founded.
Based on the documents submitted, the PAQ will be screened first by the TCGTBI team for assessing the suitability of the proposal. Detailed scrutiny including financial and technical due diligence of the proposal shall then be carried out by the expert members for evaluation of the proposal. Applicants would be invited next with their teams to make presentation on their proposal.
In order to enable the expert members (would be invited/ identified depending on the nature of the proposal) to take an appropriate decision, members may ask for any additional information from the applicants and/or revision in the proposal.
Based on the affirmative assessment, a draft agreement may be sent to the applicants for initiating the process of registration.
• Some representative criteria to be applied for evaluation( not limited to these)
1. Strength of the product idea in terms of its technology content, innovation, timeliness and market potential
2. IP already generated and the potential of the idea for IP creation
3. Extent of involvement of IIEST, Shibpur faculty, employees and students
4. Strength of the core Business team
5. Funds requirement and viability of raising finance
6. Break-even period
• Facilities
Infrastructural facilities are offered to the incubate companies on an individual basis, along with a set of shared/ common infrastructure mentioned here in under:
• Office space: Company specific
• Internet connection
Apart from company specific infrastructure as stated above, TCGTBI provide following facilities to all incubate companies on shared basis:
a) Photocopier
b) Scanner
c) Meeting/Conference room with projection equipment
d) Pantry facilities
Besides, TCGTBI will facilitate the incubate companies to access departmental laboratories and other resources of IIEST, Shibpur or at its Partner Institute for their specific requirements. Access to Institutional resources is possible as per extant rules of the Institutes, after observing necessary formalities and on payment of required fees. Usage of such resources should be with permission of the concerned department.